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One of the BEST things about Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is its TEAM. Yes, Serpent Consulting Services prides itself at employing some of the best talents in the industry. Our highly devoted team of connoisseurs strives hard to proffer each & every client with exceedingly innovative consultancy, services & solutions tailored precisely to match their personage requirements.

Serpent Consulting Services is led by highly dedicated & hard working duo: Mr. Husen Daudi & Mr. Jay Vora. Both- Mr. Husen Daudi & Mr. Jay Vora have a gigantic experience working in OpenERP/ODOO. They have been in the same field since the year 2007 and with a vital experience of almost 11 years, both have been working as a team leader for the team & a role model for the naive. The technical expertise of Mr. Yogesh Sakhreliya, with 9 years of ERP background, adds a great advantage to the team.

Our Team’s Features that make them special include:
Years of Experience
Devotion & Dedication second to none
Client friendly attitude
Meticulously Hard working
Expert of their individual fields
Highly Disciplined
Self motivated
Thoroughly professional
Coming together is a Beginning,
Keeping together is a Progress,
Working together is a Success!
From Serpent’s Architects (Husen & Jay)

Our experience has always been our key strength & that is exactly what we implement along with immense dedication to provide results nothing less than the best to our clients. For us, SerpentCS is a platform to incise down the old shatters of ‘Affordable but Low in Quality’ & ‘Good Quality but Out of My Range’ by providing ‘Superior Quality services which are undoubtedly in Your Means’.

- Husen Daudi: Managing Director

- Jay Vora: Managing Director