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Odoo 14 Roadmap - Features Of Odoo 14- SerpentCS Odoo Gold Partner

Odoo 14 Technical & Functional Roadmap & Features

odoo 14

Waiting for Odoo 14 release date? Expect it in October. 

Last year Odoo released version 13 and it has many exciting enhancements in terms of functionality to existing apps and introduced few exciting apps i.e. Field Service, Rental, Social Marketing, E-learning etc.

Let us explore so far revealed Odoo 14 functionality!


Odoo 14 will have a Dashboard for Expenses.

To know more: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/45659

Odoo 14 will have smarter options to manage the Projects/Tasks. It will allow you to Create Recurring Tasks based on Configuration.


Quick creation of projects based on Project Templates.

To know more: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/45651

Add the recurrence feature to the settings of the project. When it's enabled, enable it by default on all existing and future projects.

Add a 'Recurring tasks' checkbox to the project view form to enable/disable the feature on a project.

When Recurring tasks is True on a project, show a new tab on the project task form.

In this tab you have the recurrency settings for the task:

Every X days/weeks/months/years until;

  • forever
  • last date
  • number of repetitions

You also have the possibility to choose how long before the deadline the task should be created. Odoo 14 will enable you to have a secure master password

When creating a new database, a random master password for it is generated and strongly suggested to be used. The motivation for this change is to have, by default, a secure master password set for any Odoo deployment.

Often, users do not realise that, when making an Odoo installation accessible on the internet, anyone else can also access it.

To know more: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/45117

Odoo 14 will warn you iOdoo 14 shines up with smart warnings with Odoo Autobot. For example, Odoobot will send warnings to customers when the delivery date is delayed due to some replenishment issues or something else.


If you are Requesting Leave from/for Other Timezone.


Use the employee's time zone for saving leave dates.

Display a warning if the user and the employee have different time zones.

Odoo 14 will provide users with the option to print pricelist from the product list itself for respective price list with currency.


Have a look at the below-attached images. 




In Odoo 14 you might be able to include Emoji in your text to make it more expressive and lively



New module Data Cleaning. Create rules to detect and merge duplicates across any model. The new way to manage and minimize the unwanted data or junk data to remove from DB. 


Save Employee Time:

Odoo 14 is expected to have features that will reduce users time by creating an alternative for enormous clicks for large operations that are time-consuming.

Cross-App integration:

Odoo 14 will be including more Cross-App integrations. For e.g.: Ecommerce can be enhanced to use it as a Car- Renting platform (E-COMMERCE + RENTAL). You can also integrate email with the studio module, by this will help save time for creating the email templates. Another integration can be that of any module and Documents.

Smart Warnings:

With the help of Odoo Autobot, for e.g. warnings can be sent to customers if the delivery is due the scheduled date due to some reasons.

Framework Changes:

Odoo 14 will come up with reworked ORM, javascript and python. It is modified for ease of use and to improve performance. This will greatly help in customizing the modules.




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