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Odoo Tips of the month May 2015

Dear Reader, Being an expert of Odoo Since 8 years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for May 2015. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around Odoo especially Twitter and Facebook. Lets thank to them. - Self-paced Online Odoo technical training at a very low cost of $300. Apply coupon SCS40 for 40% discount. - Odoo Instant notification in Google Chrome. - popup reminder module in #odoo to show up important popup in your status bar of #odoo https://lnkd.in/eXE-ADA - #eficent brings yet a new #odoo 7.0 module to optimize the procurement in manufacturing processes. - To reload your instance automatically use --auto-reload config parameter. - djangodoo 0.2.1: A Django app to copy models, load and save records from a running Odoo instance. - #odoo use function name_create  to create a new record  with only one value the display name of the new record. - Odoo is one of the Top 5 open source #projectmanagement tools in  2015. - Aeroo Reports are now working on Odoo/ OpenERP v8! - Functional contribution winning hearts :#odoo reconfigure the account chart midway! https://github.com/OCA/account-financial-tools/pull/185  kudos @Therp_BV@therp_stefan - Enhanced in - Eficent releases  #odoo module to restrict the visibility of the product cost field to a single group. - New module to restrict the approval of quotations w. discount % above an allowed limit. - #Odoo's search bar is narrow & unfriendly when applying a lot of filters. New #Therp addon makes the search bar grow. - Manage your #task#lead#contract#followup#receivable#deadline#birthday & many #reminders with #odoohttp://goo.gl/p3Ohep #SerpentCS - Odoo HRMS Android app, Use and Feed us back. - Publication of a #Odoo module to enable tracking #Analytique of the #vente#factures and #achat: http://bit.ly/1FKvBM7 - #odoo module to restrict the approval of quotations w. discount % above an allowed limit. - #odoo hot fix of the day : the problem of _inherits with more than 1 levels, fixed! Kudos @RaphaelCollet - #odoo multi_image and zoom features on #eCommerce ...#SerpentCS

Odoo Tips of the month May 2015
Odoo Tips of the month May 2015
Odoo Tips of the month May 2015
  - Fabien Pinckaers named Top Manager of the Year - #odoo v8 widget allows to have dynamic tables very easily. - Fresh module to configure page redirections inside #odoo - You can now click on many2one fields on tree views thanks to this migration I have made for v8: - Redmine-Odoo connector v7 by @SFLINUX. SerpentCS is doing v8. - Customise your @BusinessProcess in #odoo Advance Workflow #training#SelfPaced 40% discount #SerpentCS#UDEMYhttp://goo.gl/fy1nxC  - Module for UI possibilities on #odoo v8: to have client side message boxes. Thanks to Therp. - New Module from Therp :'Odoo suggests' in Advance search on x2m. - Odoo Mobile Documentation : http://mobile.odoo.co.in/v2/index.html - #Odoo #OCA module to enable sticky header in list views. - #odoo 8 If your compute method uses the values of other fields, you need to specify those fields using @api.depends() decorator. - In @Odoo 8 to find a record based on external id just use ref() on Environment. eg: env.ref('Your External id ') - The refactorization of the sale commissions modules for #odoo v8 are now integrated on commission repo. - Our First #ios #ODOO app has been launched on iTunes today. Check the feature video here https://goo.gl/iP2gZ4  @Apple #SerpentCS #OpenERP - Ignore cancelled purchase lines are now landed on v8.  Please see more Updates: 1. Odoo news in Feb 2015 Part 1 2. Odoo news in Feb 2015 Part 2. 3. Odoo news in March 2015. 4. Odoo news in April 2015. Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing various ODOO services in more than 39 countries.Our services includes Training, Support, Migration, Implementation, Development and offshore. We are a team of 55+ full time OpenERP/ODOO experts including 4 techno functional experts who were part of core openerp framework development and having 7+ years of experience in OpenERP. We have conducted 50+ local and international functional and technical training on OpenERP with 90% satisfaction ratio. Look at the events and customer feedback. Thanks.

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