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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Introduction to Linux (Ubuntu)
GITHub and ODOO Community, OCA
pg_hba conf file
Creating and Managing Server Instances
Introduction to UI and widgets
Ubuntu Server Installation
Launchpad and Bazaar
Setup Startup Script for ODOO
Database Management with ODOO
- Create
- Backup
- Drop
- Restore
User and Group Management
Partitioning in Linux
Odoo Forum and Apps
Creating PID File
Installing Addons
Creating new Group and access rights
Basic Commands of Linux
Installing ODOO on Linux
Creating Logfile
Scheduled Database Backup And Restore(i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backup of your Database Automatically)
Email Configuration
File Permissions in Linux
File Permissions and User Permissions
Starting ODOO Server
Add Customised and 3rd party modules in Odoo
Internationalization in ODOO
User and Group Permissions
Installing PostgreSQL
Odoo Server Parameters and config file, WSGI Mode
ODOO Applications and documentations
Setup Locale, Date format in ODOO
Practice Session
Postgres Configuration and fine tuning
Remote management of Ubuntu Server using SSH
Practice Session
Data import export

Practice Session
Copying files from Remote Server using SCP

Database Structure

Practice Session


Practice Session
Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
- Record Rules
- Access Controls
Setup Report Header and Footer
Clustering two server
Setup Payment Gateway (Paypal)
Installing and Updating Packages in Ubuntu
User Interface
Change Existing Report
Server Monitoring
Database Auto Backup Module Configuration
Installing .deb Files on Ubuntu
Developer Mode
Setup Hardware
- Network Printer
- POS Terminals
- Barcode Reader
Troubleshooting in Linux
Document Management with Database file store
Installing ODOO using .deb file
Customizing views from UI
POS Box Setup

Document Management with File Store configuration
File Editors in Ubuntu (nano, vim)
Adding Fields from UI

Creating .sh file in Ubuntu
Creating Search Filters

File Editors in Ubuntu
Change Company Logo

Practice Session